Building for Wonder

Kawandeep Virdee • @whichlight



captivate the imagination


wonder is


draws exploration





Alex Beim, Tangible Interaction, at INST-INT

makey makey vid

Small steps in hardware open up a lot of possibilities

Arduino + Processing workshop for artists

Interactive Laser

Wonder for the maker

for the viewer

for the space

Works to explore interaction and wonder

I. Bottle Synth

bottle synth

II. A Giant Blue Magnetic Planet

III. Sound to Light

IV. Hacking an Existing Public Art Piece

Color Distribution

 197 Red
 194 Blue
 136 Green
 121 Fish
  97 Cyan
  93 Yellow
  87 Rainbow
  79 Pink
  78 Purple
  71 Orange
  66 Lime
  59 White
  45 Salmon
  43 Black
  41 Myrtle
  40 Puce
  35 Teal
  33 Aqua
  32 Azure
  29 Brown
  28 Peach
  26 red

Fish Distribution

  40 +1618
  18 +1617
  16 +1802
  16 +1603
  12 +1646
   6 +1917
   6 +1802
   5 +1603
   4 +1541
   4 +1207
   3 +1774
   1 +1978
   1 +1702
   1 +1508

V. Internet into Art

You're awesome web developers

Bring the interactivity and collaboration of the web into objects

Building the Housing
Playing with the Grid

    There is so much wonder in making.

    Interactivity helps cultivate it further.

    new ways to know one another

    new ways to make spaces inviting

    new ways to find joy.




    New American Public Art - dan sternof beyer, bevan weissman, brandon stafford, greg macglashing


    goodgood - ben gaydos, karen stein shanley, and matthew shanley

Free free to get in touch to riff on ideas and possibilities! I'd love to hear what want to make, and am happy to help think of ways to inspire wonder, make it openly, and make it public.